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Out of the Woods:Never write yourself off.



Tiger Woods soaks in the emotions after his  first victory in 5 years.


Tarang Makhecha,a  good friend of mine is an avid golf  player and a fan of  one of  golf’s most famous  names, Eldrick Tont  Woods, commonly known as Tiger Woods.It was during one of these golf tournaments that he posted on his Facebook wall about Tiger Woods coming back. A quick check a few days later I realised he had not won.

So I said to Tarang, “I doubt the tiger will ever roar again,he is finished”. He said ” no ways mate,he will bounce back”. As a person who knows absolutely  nothing about golf, I probably would have done myself a good favour if I had believed Tarang because indeed the tiger has roared again after sometime in the woods.

I was not the only one prior to that victory this weekend who thought that he would not add to his 79 wins. One of the greatest golfers of all time got caught up in an explosive infidelity scandal in 2009  that seriously eroded his brand and standing, casting him into the woods as it were. Several corporate clients like Accenture,AT & T,Gatorade and General Motors completely ended their sponsorship deals with Woods.

A few brands like Nike however decided to stand by him.Woods went through a 45 day therapy programme and finally got divorced in August 2010. Problems continued to haunt the former world number one golfer as he got arrested in 2017 for driving under the influence of alcohol.  His golfing  further took a serious knock as he has had to deal with a number of health issues like having a benign tumour removed in 1994.In 2002 he  had a benign cyst removed ,knee surgery in 2008, and in 2014 and 2015 he had 2  microdiscectomy surgeries.

These compouding health woes made Woods himself doubt his ability to come back into the big time saying ” I did not know if I would win again after my injuries”. It therefore was an emotional rollercoaster this weekend when he won his 80th PGA Tour.

One thing that stands out from his remarkable comeback is that Tiger Woods never gave up. It was easy for him to fold and let go,especially when his infedility scandal broke out. He had achieved quite a lot in golf already and would have slid into the horizon with good records,albeit under a cloud .

His comeback story is remarkable and should serve as a motivation to a lot of us. Things that happen to us have the potential to build us up or destroy us. What determines which side the coin falls is how we react to these occurrences. 

In moments when things go off track in any area of life,a lot of voices speak,some from within and some from outside. Both have the potential to destroy our belief and confidence .The voice from within is probably the most potent and lethal .If your inner self begins to cast doubts on yourself that you can’t overcome your setbacks ,the voices from within can only accelerate your decent into the abyss of defeat for as a man thinketh ,so is he.

If your inner voice is positive ,you can be rest assured that the voices from outside can be as loud and as negative as they want but you will still overcome. I am sure Tiger Woods listened to many TV and radio programmes ,read a lot of articles where ” experts ” said that he was done for,he was finished ,he would not bounce back again and should just retire from golf.

I am certain Tiger Woods even toyed with some of these ideas but the tiger in him wanted to roar back.He felt that he still had more to offer and would not end his already success laden careeer on 79 wins. For five good years, he attempeted the comeback and it never came but it eventually came. It took hardwork,patience and sacrifice but it paid off. 

We miss out on some of our greatest achievements because we write ourselves off prematurely. Sadly most of the times we succumb to the negative vibes and opinions of others,who most of the times never wished us well anywhere. When adversity strikes, it is of paramount importance to first accept that adversity is a part of life and then believe that it is not the end of your life.

A quick look across the board shows that all the successful people we read about and aspire to become had to overcome some form of adversity in their lives, be it business tycoons, politicians, sportspeople etc. I have never come across a success story whose A to Z is a flowery tale.

What made these people stand out and overcome is that they did not give in to the inner self defeating voice or the pessimism of the voices outside. They held on to that inner voice that said,” this too shall come to pass,I shall win,I shall overcome, I will keep on keeping on,I won’t give up,I will press on,I will fight for it,I will soldier on”.

It doesn’t mean that it is easy but as we saw Tiger Woods soaking in the emotions of his remarkable comeback victory  this past weekend ,the feeling of victory after overcoming odds is great. There are fewer things sweeter than it.

Press on. Never  let anyone write you off but most importantly never write yourself off. Stay positive. 


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